NICE photo for APOD. What was the date?
I saw a proton arc on Aug 15-16 from Washington state. It lasted about 30 minutes and formed a continuous arc from the NW horizon, to zenith, crossing the Milky Way and going off to the E horizon. WOW. Wasn't the same one, was it??
UT - 16 Aug @ 8:00 UT
Great waters photography
Thanks again for all the nice comments! I really appreciate it!
Your photo *A Proton Arc Over Lake Superior* is the APOD Astronomy Picture for Aug 3rd, 2015. What a lucky aurora moment. Thanks for sharing this wonderful photo. The link brought me to your site. Enjoyed viewing your Gitchigumi photos.
Judi George(non-registered)
Your pictures are beautiful and I am interested in purchasing some of the ones I have seen
Barb Dupras
I found it! I am logged in now. You can tell me about the metal prints though. Thanks.
Barbie Dupras(non-registered)
Hello, I signed in on my last visit and put a photo in favorites and one in my cart. I cannot find a link to my cart or favorites. Can you help me navigate?

I also don't know what the metal prints are. Is there a way to see the print in metal in order to decide if that is how I want it?
Deborah A Servitto(non-registered)
I received the vivid metal prints of aroura borealis (2 shots). They are absolutely stunning! So worth the extra money. I ordered the float back for easy hanging. No frame necessary. Your work is incredible!! Thanks so much for capturing the beauty.
Great waters photography
Thanks so much everyone.Norma I am now great waters photography on facebook.Stop over and see my newer work.I miss you too!
Gary O'Boyle(non-registered)
Incredible Beauty! Your work is spectacular.
Norma-Jean Smith(non-registered)
I miss seeing your photos on facebook..and I son't see recent of colors ect. are you still doing photos? your soo good at it
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